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Q: I feel like I've plateaud in my life...but I don't know why. What now?  

Q: How do I implement change and positivity in a stagnant, cynical culture? And not let it drag me down...

Q: Help, I think my meetings suck...

Q: How do I manage my time so I can have the right balance of own professional development, along with time spent managing team and hospital and figuring everything else out?

Q: How do I get my clients to pay me more, and up my pricing? My heart is to serve them...

Q: Professionally, how do I get a game plan to go to the next level and become a top performer in my field, and also be able to spot business opportunities?

Q: How do I differentiate my product and find my clients? 

Q: How do I know when to take my side-business full time? 

Q: I have employees who are responsible for doing advertising sales, and just over a year ago I hired a disabled military vet with PTSD. This is my first experience as a business owner with hiring veterans and while I’m compassionate to his challenges, I really don’t understand them. I also recently hired another individual who was a victim of years of abuse. I am committed to finding ways to provide them with the tools they need to succeed. They have a great work ethic, but I feel like I’m failing them. What do I do to address the situation? 

Q: I’ve been working on a side business for 5 years, with a daytime job…but I still have $40,000 of debt to pay off. Should I wait until I’m completely out of debt to go all in on my side business? Or should I start now?

Q: How do I start a speaking career? 


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